Class Series & Mentorship
These programs aim to support dedicated students and yoga teacher and synthesize, add to, and deepen the knowledge they attained previously by developing a greater commitment to svadyaya or self study. Tanya’s goal is to guide students to expand and cultivate their own self knowledge, to be better practitioners and teachers. Come study a sacred text you’ve always wanted to read. Be present in a vibrant sangha (community) of like-minded people. Be seen and recognized for your bright light. And be nourished to help that light shine more brightly in the world.

Using tools from yoga, tantra, Ayurveda, Sri Vidya and more, Tanya weaves these together in a 2 hour Monday treat for anyone seeking to get over themselves, and their fears.


In person or virtual. Work one-on-one with Tanya and build a sadhana (practice) and/or therapeutic lifestyle using the subtle tools of relaxation, diet, pranayama, mantra, and yoga nidra, and more.


This module aims at reviewing and re-learning yoga asana from the inside out using the energetics and pranic body to help inform correct posture and foundation.

Take Your Practice and Healing to the Next Level
Consistent attendance reinforces learning, and allows growth with a teacher, as the teacher can take the students farther and deeper over time. This also develops consistency and discipline – both are needed according to the sages and yogic scriptures for success in yoga. We believe this is the best way to embody yoga.